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Road Trip: Day 4 ~ From Nevada To New York City

We have now arrived at day 4 of this long road trip across country! ...proceeding From Day 3 in Indiana, we now approach...

Ohio: a very green state intertwined with a few lakes and no signs of much life. Talk about country at its best! 

...Lake Michigan, Chicago: which is marvelous to see as the lake appears on both sides as you drive across the bridge, the pictures don't do it justice at all... plus, I took this picture through our fast moving U-haul, but hope you get the picture.

...then came our next longest state to drive through...

Pennsylvania: this is the state where my excitement started to build back up all over again since I knew we were finally close to home at last. My excitement was also because of how forresty PA is - having been away from all this greenery for so long made me forget how beautifully green other parts of the country is!  It was so refreshing and reinvigorating!  As evening came upon us, swarms of fireflies started to light our drive through the serpentine roads walled by really dark Forest all around and we started to pray that no deer come out as we had the pedal to the metal as much as you can in a full U-hall with an attached car hitch.

And onto a rather sulfuric state - New Jersey... {didn't take any photos as it was already late evening}, but it is also very green.   I mean after all, it's called the "Garden State." And then.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE! Our final destination... New York!

As I told a friend who got intrigued about doing an across country drive, I find road trips are a great way to see the vast countryside of United States that many don't realize exist, especially if you never have left your comfort zone, or if you live in a city with only buildings where all you see is people living on top of each other. Just like I've had numerous discussions trying to explain to people that New York doesn't only consists of buildings which are usually portrayed on TV or in movies - most don't realize that's Manhattan and it's only 1/8th of New York State.  You can't even see it on a map when you look at NY State. If you haven't already, I strongly urge you to add driving across country as a must-do experience on your bucket list.

Thank you for taking the journey back with me all over again. Are you exhausted, intrigued, or inspired to do a road trip?

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