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The East Village and A Crushed Dream

A peak of the Astor place building in the NoHo district...

When I'm not busy with work, you'll most likely find me strolling some of my dream NYC neighborhoods {to break up any monotony} downtown ...a tradition I have had since my early teens. This day, however, I enjoyed checking all the cozy boutiques, shops, chic eateries, and the antique stores where most likely you could bump into Nate Berkus perusing. If you get a chance to go shopping in the East Village, I recommend this lovely hip fashion-forward boutique called 'Think Closet.' You'll always find some amazing one of a kind pieces there - one of the reasons why I love/prefer boutiques.

I got a little excited upon seeing a townhouse for rent on a quaint street that was calm, quiet with suburbia feel for New York City... there was a building across the home that reminded me of what you would see in London. As you probably can detect my mind had already taken me into cloud nine - until we called to find out the price of the rent. It was at of small price of fifteen thousand dollars a month! By the way, if you didn't already do the math, that's one-hundred-eighty thousand dollars a year just for the rent!!! Ay ya yay! Needless to say, I quickly plummeted back to earth after that news. Boo! {pouting;}. These are a few photos of the area.

Standing in front of the townhouse for rent at $15,000 a month...not including garage/parking space. I already mentally decorated the front entrance to this place in my mind. The first thing would be two gorgeous wreaths to grace the front doors, plus some beautiful potted plants up the steps to welcome guests in.

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