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Managed The Blues

{As you walk into this café the first thing you see is this painting. LOVE IT!}

This week started out with me wanting to skip Monday - in fact the whole week for that matter. If you follow me on Twitter (if you're not, why not?;) you probably noticed my tweet about having the winter blues. Partly, because Monday was such a gloomy, rainy day, it just added to the dreariness of our cavelike bedroom. Secondly, I think our dark New York apartment is finally getting to me. I can't wait to start our search for a much bigger, brighter apartment with closets, a proper functional, efficient kitchen and a normal sized bathroom at last! Just a couple more months....

Anyway, I digress. The hubby had to physically get me out of bed and take me out for a drive (in the nasty weather and all) just to break me out of my funk a bit. How did I manage the blues as the week progressed you ask? Well, first, I spent a little bit more time outdoors as that is part of my goals for 2013. I also was able to cope with the blues with the help of a pilgrimage visit to some of our favorite cozy restaurants.  Lastly, I had a couple of friends over which kept my mind busy. It's amazing how sometimes doing things for others can help you deal with your own issues as it makes you deflect the attention from your problems. This weekend will start with some wine tasting at a friend's NY apartment, and spending Super Bowl Sunday at another friend's house which will be much different than last year's Super Bowl. I'm not into football AT ALL as I don't understand why those teletubbies in leotards have to pile on each other, but I certainly am looking forward to halftime with Beyoncé's performance.

{Comfort drinks like a warm cup of apple cider always puts me in a good mood:}

{Enjoyed some wine and appetizers at a dark, moody, cozy restaurant with the hubby}
{A box of pastries doesn't hurt either... maybe in calories later O_o}
{Having this bag definitely would always put a smile on my face. Might have to get it}
Talking about calories. Have you ever wondered about how the ladies in the 50's stayed slim? Check this article out. You'll find it very interesting.
Happy Friday!


Thank You Gifts: Part 1

It's always been said that winter is the most depressing time of the year (a point my husband constantly vocalizes).  If you're experiencing the winter blues, why not remedy that with a little shopping therapy.  Since there's more happiness in giving than there is in receiving, why not put a smile on your face and heart with a little shopping for some thank you gifts.  Has someone done something for you and/or your family recently that you haven't had a chance to say thank you yet? These are a few of my favorite suggestions for gifts that can bring a touch of bliss to someone's life. While your at it - go ahead and buy yourself a little 'pick me up' present too;).

3. UGG - classic cardy boots $160 (give the gift of warmth)

4. Serge Lutens blotting paper $18.50 (I love them...they work great)

2. 50-Cup silver plated coffee urn $450 (how fancy are these?! LOVE)


Sitting Pretty

I have to say one of the most exciting part of my freelance job is when I have to furniture shop for clients, and the last few weeks was nothing short of that. I'm not one to follow every trend, but there are some trends that are just classic and timeless. A good example of this is the beautiful tufted sofa. Just as we would be careful when choosing a gorgeous well-tailored, Chanel inspired suit - it's equally as important to choose a sofa for your home wisely, especially since it is a big ticket item and needs to last a very long time. This Chester sofa in flax beige was one of my picks naturally. The deep tufting, tapered legs and the curvaceous body adds sophistication to any room. Also picture it in a library room in front of some dark chocolate bookshelves filled with books peppered with a few bright colored accessories. Tres chic!


The Haircut Of 2013

Apparently, they're deeming the chin-length haircut with bangs "the haircut of 2013" all because of the model Karlie Kloss' new cut.  It's very cute.  However, I think it's really pretty much a layered bob with bangs which many actresses have sported many times before, right? What makes this particular cut that Karlie has any different and worthy of the title? If you know, please enlighten me in the comment box below. I'm curious.


This definitely has reminded me of all the haircuts and colors I've saved on my desktop for years that I've thought of getting and still hope to maybe one day try one, if not all of these styles.  Here are a few of my favorites...this will be part of my goals' list of organizing my folders of inspirational pictures that I've been storing for years now - as I'm sure you'll be able to tell based on the photos.

*Image sources:


All The Little Things

{New pretty colored twine added to my craft supplies + pretty bicycle notecards}

Happy Friday everybody! Hope you had a great fulfilling week and will use the weekend to enjoy what's important, such as reflecting on all the little things that happened each day that made the week bearable. I really can't complain about a rough work week... that's one of the benefits of working at home, but it comes with its downside because sometimes my work week can continue all the way to Sunday - that usually means that I can't really embrace Friday as the end of my work week like some of you. For that reason, I make sure to only focus on all the little good things that happen throughout the week making everyday feel like a Friday to me.  I am looking forward to girl's night out tomorrow and a luncheon this weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

{An unexpected surprise gift from a friend - a pretty small notebook }

{White Marigold on the bathroom sink...just makes getting ready in the mornings so much lovelier}
{Favorite part of the weekend...Brunch - French toast}

{Time spent with a girlfriend over a warm cup of peanut butter hot chocolate...I know! + a prized vintage can of one of my favorite illustrators...Norman Rockwell}
{Personalizing my new notecards to thank a couple of friends for their giving gestures}


Tweed & Fur

Faux fur collar coat (about 10 years old), Calvin Klein red dress, Nine West tweed cape jacket, DKNY black tights, Chinese Laundry suede heels (old), Vintage metallic gold clutch (similar here), Kenneth Cole watch, Henri Bendel bracelet, Banana Republic earrings, Discs necklace (a neighborhood score...mentioned here)

The days of me getting by with light-weight winter ensembles seem to be over. For a while, our winter here on the East Coast was kind of mild, but not anymore! Winter has finally shown up with a vengeance...we've hit the teens and feels like it's below zero with the wind-chill (per the Meteorologists). I honestly am not prepared for winter really. All my winter clothes have seen better days and with the plummeting temperatures I definitely am in need of replenishing my winter wardrobe STAT!

On another note, taking outfit photos made me realize my small obsession with tweed. Apparently, my choice falls mostly on Herringbone tweed, but only because of not having any other type in my closet. I think I'm drawn to this type of fabric because it's fluid and has such a grand look to it.




Boots Were Made For Walking...But Do UGGS Australia Do The Talking?

1. UGG Taryn mahogany ankle boots // 2. Isn't this a far cry from the UGG boots we know?! // 3. UGG Australia Jamison ankle boot

I can't believe that UGG  morphed from the typical less fashionable UGGS that we have seen in the past (more often than not, usually seen on people who wear their PJ's in the streets) into a much more fashionable and beautiful brand of boots; even offering some occasional heels to boot (pun intended)... while still keeping weather-appropriate. Now, I can finally sport some UGGs. These are a few that I'm eyeing and wouldn't these look great with a pair of dark skinny ankle jeans?


Grateful For: What I Learned This Week...

{Isn't this the most cheery card you've ever seen? Our new little French café spot in the West Village}

When it came to writing today's grateful moments post, I literally sat in front of my laptop with a complete mental block (it was like "dear blog..." and then smoke coming out of a smokestack... lol), and it's not because my week was dull. As a matter of fact, it was quite a crazy busy week working till 2am finishing up a variety of projects all at once, but really nothing that I felt was interesting enough to share. However, next week's posts should be a little bit more inspiring as I'm putting together some inspirational boards for another project I'll be working on.

{These hand-folded paper blossoms made me smile when I saw them}

{I couldn't help but buy this for my friend's upcoming fashionista}

What I learned or should say was further impressed on my mind this week dealing with different individuals is this... each day presents numerous opportunities to do kind things for others - whether our friends, boss, client, spouse, colleagues, schoolmates, teachers, professors etc... and when you display kindness without any expectations, you derive this deep contentment that allows you to become more at peace with yourself and also tender in feelings. When in that place, you'll notice that whatever derogatory comments, insinuations or negative persons you encounter, you'll be unfazed by them because you're already at peace with who you are and won't allow anyone else's insecurities define you or upset you - recognizing whatever that is said towards you that might be perceived as negative has to do with that person, and not you. It's their insecurities, jealousies, pride, anger, envy...whatever it may's their demon that they have to contend with and you so happen to be in their path at maybe an inopportune time. Experiencing the feeling of calm without feeling agitated or being pulled into the vortex of thick dark gloom some people are in is the most satisfying and fulfilling feeling that just inspires to keep growing into a better person.

{This article totally encapsulates some of the reasons why I love Kelly Ripa. Her unpretentious, kind, fun attitude, plus sparkle definitely lights my world! Purely, inspirational}

{Cute post-its from the hubby + I got me some fun-colored metallic sharpies}

{Some healthy mid-week snacks served with my favorite hummus sprinkled with extra-virgin olive oil, red pepper flakes and dash of paprika}
{Some new fun straws in the house + plus my healthy veggie/fruit lunch smoothie}
 *Kelly Ripa image via: 


Crab Quiche

Some mornings instead of the usual chocolate croissants that I love so much with my cup of tea, I sometimes crave something with more substance and a little healthier. The dilemma is most breakfast food have eggs, and I don't eat eggs for it makes me sick.  However, I can eat certain types of quiche if it's made the right way. You see, I can't stomach (literally) any runny, gooey, wet or moist eggs of any kind. I'm not sure what it is. I'll have to assume the mix between texture and the eggy taste is what turns my stomach immediately. But, I find when a quiche is thoroughly cooked in a nice buttery flaky crust to a firm consistency...I can eat it without any mouthwatering in the wrong kind of way - I was besides myself when I found the recipe for this quiche years ago. It instantly became a favorite, and I was happy to finally join all the egg eaters out there in my own kind of way.

I add meat to my recipe and since I developed an allergy to chicken, I used crab meat (you can use fresh crabmeat or canned) in my egg mixture poured into this pastry pie crust recipe. Unlike times past, when home cooks were judged by their ability to make a good flaky pastry, now we can just buy already made pastry pie crust. However, it's such a fulfilling feeling to get down in your kitchen and make your own - at least you know the hands that prepared it. And let me tell you, without sounding cocky, this was the best quiche I've had thus far. I assure you I'm not being biased at all either. Try it and let me know what you think.


3 beaten eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
1/4 cup sliced green onions (about 2)
1/4 tsp salt
Pinch of ground nutmeg
3/4 cup chopped cooked crabmeat (or cooked meat of your choice)
1 1/2 cups shredded Swiss, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, or Havarti cheese
1 tbsp all-purpose flour


In a bowl, stir together eggs, milk, green onions, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Stir in crabmeat (if using canned meat - make sure to completely drain it of all liquids). Toss together the cheese and flour. Add to egg mixture; mix well. Pour egg mixture into hot pastry shell.

Bake in 325 oven for 35 to 40 minutes or until knife inserted near center comes out clean. Let stand 10 minutes before serving. Makes about 6 servings depending on your appetite or serving portions.


Alternatives To: The Little Black Dress

Image: google

Let's face it, our favorite three little words - the "LBD" are getting a bit overrated, wouldn't you say? Yes, the little black dress is classic and a staple for a quick classy look to attend parties and other events, however, isn't it time to start some new wardrobe classics? With all the new great couture styles that come out every year, we have plenty of reasons to not be stuck in the mourning rut of relying so much on that little black dress. Why not infuse a punch of color or shimmer with all those great metallics that we have seen this past year. I personally am going to take my own advice by adding a couple of those pieces to my wardrobe (starting with a chic pair of shimmery pants - gives that instant glam) so as to add some sparkle to my style and make my 2013 fashion memorable. So with this new year, let's try to see if we can integrate another favorite fashion phrase in lieu of using "LBD" perhaps, we can use "LCS" (meaning: Little Colorful Shimmer.;)  What do you think? Any suggestions on a new fashion phrase?


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. Jason Wu Royal Blue Floral-Embroidered Silk Dress // 2. Forever 21 Paillette Bodycon Dress (I couldn't help myself) // 3. Royal-style cap-sleeve-wrap hem dress


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. Dolce + Gabbana sequins stretch pants // 2. Gold stretch-leather skinny pants // 3. Gold finger sequins pants


                     FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. Dipped lace marled sweater // 2. Sequin peplum top