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All The Little Things

{New pretty colored twine added to my craft supplies + pretty bicycle notecards}

Happy Friday everybody! Hope you had a great fulfilling week and will use the weekend to enjoy what's important, such as reflecting on all the little things that happened each day that made the week bearable. I really can't complain about a rough work week... that's one of the benefits of working at home, but it comes with its downside because sometimes my work week can continue all the way to Sunday - that usually means that I can't really embrace Friday as the end of my work week like some of you. For that reason, I make sure to only focus on all the little good things that happen throughout the week making everyday feel like a Friday to me.  I am looking forward to girl's night out tomorrow and a luncheon this weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

{An unexpected surprise gift from a friend - a pretty small notebook }

{White Marigold on the bathroom sink...just makes getting ready in the mornings so much lovelier}
{Favorite part of the weekend...Brunch - French toast}

{Time spent with a girlfriend over a warm cup of peanut butter hot chocolate...I know! + a prized vintage can of one of my favorite illustrators...Norman Rockwell}
{Personalizing my new notecards to thank a couple of friends for their giving gestures}

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  1. I am in awe of your tastes - and your friend's (beautiful notebook). I wish I had such an eye for putting together such loveliness no matter the budget.