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Alternatives To: The Little Black Dress

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Let's face it, our favorite three little words - the "LBD" are getting a bit overrated, wouldn't you say? Yes, the little black dress is classic and a staple for a quick classy look to attend parties and other events, however, isn't it time to start some new wardrobe classics? With all the new great couture styles that come out every year, we have plenty of reasons to not be stuck in the mourning rut of relying so much on that little black dress. Why not infuse a punch of color or shimmer with all those great metallics that we have seen this past year. I personally am going to take my own advice by adding a couple of those pieces to my wardrobe (starting with a chic pair of shimmery pants - gives that instant glam) so as to add some sparkle to my style and make my 2013 fashion memorable. So with this new year, let's try to see if we can integrate another favorite fashion phrase in lieu of using "LBD" perhaps, we can use "LCS" (meaning: Little Colorful Shimmer.;)  What do you think? Any suggestions on a new fashion phrase?


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. Jason Wu Royal Blue Floral-Embroidered Silk Dress // 2. Forever 21 Paillette Bodycon Dress (I couldn't help myself) // 3. Royal-style cap-sleeve-wrap hem dress


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. Dolce + Gabbana sequins stretch pants // 2. Gold stretch-leather skinny pants // 3. Gold finger sequins pants


                     FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. Dipped lace marled sweater // 2. Sequin peplum top

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