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Grateful For: What I Learned This Week...

{Isn't this the most cheery card you've ever seen? Our new little French cafĂ© spot in the West Village}

When it came to writing today's grateful moments post, I literally sat in front of my laptop with a complete mental block (it was like "dear blog..." and then smoke coming out of a smokestack... lol), and it's not because my week was dull. As a matter of fact, it was quite a crazy busy week working till 2am finishing up a variety of projects all at once, but really nothing that I felt was interesting enough to share. However, next week's posts should be a little bit more inspiring as I'm putting together some inspirational boards for another project I'll be working on.

{These hand-folded paper blossoms made me smile when I saw them}

{I couldn't help but buy this for my friend's upcoming fashionista}

What I learned or should say was further impressed on my mind this week dealing with different individuals is this... each day presents numerous opportunities to do kind things for others - whether our friends, boss, client, spouse, colleagues, schoolmates, teachers, professors etc... and when you display kindness without any expectations, you derive this deep contentment that allows you to become more at peace with yourself and also tender in feelings. When in that place, you'll notice that whatever derogatory comments, insinuations or negative persons you encounter, you'll be unfazed by them because you're already at peace with who you are and won't allow anyone else's insecurities define you or upset you - recognizing whatever that is said towards you that might be perceived as negative has to do with that person, and not you. It's their insecurities, jealousies, pride, anger, envy...whatever it may's their demon that they have to contend with and you so happen to be in their path at maybe an inopportune time. Experiencing the feeling of calm without feeling agitated or being pulled into the vortex of thick dark gloom some people are in is the most satisfying and fulfilling feeling that just inspires to keep growing into a better person.

{This article totally encapsulates some of the reasons why I love Kelly Ripa. Her unpretentious, kind, fun attitude, plus sparkle definitely lights my world! Purely, inspirational}

{Cute post-its from the hubby + I got me some fun-colored metallic sharpies}

{Some healthy mid-week snacks served with my favorite hummus sprinkled with extra-virgin olive oil, red pepper flakes and dash of paprika}
{Some new fun straws in the house + plus my healthy veggie/fruit lunch smoothie}
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  1. When we honor who we are in our actions, no one can take that away from us. I wish it didn't sting a bit when others act in ways that are hurtful though :(. I LOVE all your photos! How sweet of your sweetheart with the PostIts!!

  2. Love Kelly Ripa ~ what a fantastic article!