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Neon Lime Coat

Rachel Roy shoes (also seen here), Alfani neon lime coat (keeping with this year's color somewhat), I.N.C. top, Calvin Klein Skirt, Grey studs bag (featured here), Banana Republic earrings, Kenneth Cole watch (shown here, here, here... similarHenri Bendel Bracelet

It's funny, as much as I tend to gravitate towards earth tone colors, I equally can take that leap of faith and delve into bright fashions just as well. For years now, I have been trying to integrate more colors into my wardrobe, but somehow every piece I end up finding and falling in love with seem to always be either black, navy, or grey. I'm going to guess perhaps because most classic pieces only come in those colors right? So here's a start to deviating from my normal uniform of dark colors.


  1. You totally work those colors!! Stunning! Even a splash of cobalt in the form of a scarf or statement necklace can be incorporated in the wardrobe of those of us too chicken (that is, ME!) to wear a coat or skirt in such colors. It really does change the whole look!

  2. Looking good chica just Beautiful.

  3. Wow You look amazing,Beautiful.