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Sitting Pretty

I have to say one of the most exciting part of my freelance job is when I have to furniture shop for clients, and the last few weeks was nothing short of that. I'm not one to follow every trend, but there are some trends that are just classic and timeless. A good example of this is the beautiful tufted sofa. Just as we would be careful when choosing a gorgeous well-tailored, Chanel inspired suit - it's equally as important to choose a sofa for your home wisely, especially since it is a big ticket item and needs to last a very long time. This Chester sofa in flax beige was one of my picks naturally. The deep tufting, tapered legs and the curvaceous body adds sophistication to any room. Also picture it in a library room in front of some dark chocolate bookshelves filled with books peppered with a few bright colored accessories. Tres chic!


  1. Tres chic indeed! Now I want chocolate bookcases, too! Your clients are so fortunate to have your diverse expertise!

    1. That is such a kind comment. Thanks Kim. XO, Rebecca