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I Had To Get Still...

{Take a deep breath and let it go... serenity now}

As I pulled out my tea bag from its sachet this week, the quote on the tag said this: "Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy."  It came at such a right moment, because I was reflecting back on my week and some of the people I crossed paths with that made me feel jaded.  I inadvertently ended up being around some kill-joys and buzzkills because I was trying to be kind and didn't follow my rule of saying no when I should have, so the quote really resonated with me. I needed some comforting and this expression helped me to realize how I want to continue to treat others (despite how they may treat me) and to check the vibe I give around people that are not "in my circle".

After my initial feelings of hurt and disappointment, I had to get still and ponder over what compassion and kindness really mean. Compassion denotes a sympathetic awareness of another's suffering or adversity combined with a desire to alleviate it. Like the warm rays of the bright sun, compassion can soothe a distressed soul, lessen pain, and lift the spirits of an afflicted individual. Kindness on the other hand means to do good rather than to do anything harmful. Therefore, kindness is displayed by taking an active interest in the welfare of others. A kind person is friendly, gentle, sympathetic, and gracious. He has a generous, considerate attitude toward others. Upon thinking of the meaning of those words I said to myself, "those are the qualities and characteristics that I must continue to display to whomever I come across in my life, and not just to limit my compassion and kindness solely to family, friends and the quote says kindness has no enemy. That means our display of compassion and kindness includes people whom we do not even know. So I'm grateful to be able to rise above other's thoughtless behavior letting it teach me on how not to be.

{Now, that's what I call joie de vivre}

{Didn't find what I went into the store for, but came out with these}

{The most tasty gift of a 'Boozy' rum cake from a friend}

{An event in the sky overlooking at a grey city below going by}
{I must get this vintage tea tin on Etsy... love, love vintage things like that}