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7 Ways to Style a Foyer


You know how they say 'the eyes are the window to the soul.'?  I feel foyers to a home are in a way the window to the home and give a glimpse into the lives of those that live there. In decorating I view foyers (starting from the entryway) as a welcoming smile. When you think about it, how many of us strive to achieve that white beautiful smile so as to make a good first impression upon meeting others or even amongst our peers/family. Likewise a beautifully arranged foyer make the first statement about who we are, our personality and the emotions of that home. Whatever your decorating style preference- the pieces of furniture, accessories, lighting and even flooring you choose, sets the tone for what is to be expected. So really it is the room where you can inject your own personality - in fact, it could be the room where you hang or prop those quirky pieces that don't really fit anywhere else in the home but you love so much and can't part with.  Placing those items there would definitely put a smile on your face every time you enter into the home.

For instance, in my case, living in a small NYC apartment doesn't leave you with much room. I'm fortunate to even have a small 3 foot and 3/4 inches oddly shaped entryway and I viewed it as a way to make a welcoming entrance by using a few key functional elements - creating a little vignette display of favorite items that make an impact.

7 suggested ways on how to style a foyer

1. Furniture piece should be practical. For instance, an outstanding looking chest of drawers (or armoire) with ample storage should be used to house all clutter - keeps you organized and will be a focal point in that space while the top of that dresser can be used for displaying favorite objects.

2. Make a statement with a mirror. As everyone now knows, mirrors expands a space visually. So pick a great statement mirror that not will only give the space depth and visually trick the eye, but it will equally serve as a functional addition as you can use it to take a one last glance at yourself before leaving the door.

3. A sparkly chandelier. Lighting is so important in decorating for it adds that level of elegance and gives the space a warm glow. Isn't this one beautiful?

4. Great smelling candles. The flicker of a candle and its fragrance is an immediate respite from the outside world. Some of my favorites are these soy candles or this one for its amazing scent.

5. Flower power. The natural beauty of fresh flowers always lift the spirit of a home bringing a fresh look and add a delicate scent to a room. My home always has fresh flowers in every room.

6. A rug. Placing a pretty rug down brings the area together and it's another super easy way to make a statement giving the space personality. I personally opted out of one because like I said my space is oddly shaped, but if you have the space for a rug, I say use a rug just to add softness.

7. Lamp. If you have an outlet in the area, by all means add a lamp. Lighting is one of the most influential tools in decorating for achieving a great mood, ambiance and atmosphere. Unfortunately, in this apartment the foyer doesn't have any outlet for a lamp which is a bummer. I'm loving these.

These are just a few suggestions on how to style a foyer.

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  1. I can't even imagine how great your place will look when you have a LARGE NYC apartment - it will be so beautiful, yet inviting & warm. I am in awe of your style eye!