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Despite It All

{A Rachel Roy must-have dress}
This month has been a whirlwind between traveling, different commitments, work and unexpected hiccups like a sudden head cold that sprung on the hubby.  I've been nursing him while I down every possible immune boosting liquid and vitamin there is to keep me from coming down with it too.  It definitely has been exhausting. But, I'm looking forward to a reprieve at a lovely dinner event that I'm actually going to do the floral arrangements for this weekend - a much a needed mental break and distraction. However, despite it all, there are still moments to look back on fondly. Until the next grateful moments' post. I Wish you good health and a happy weekend.

{A Sushi night enjoyed in front of the Tele...}
{An unexpected gift from the hubby - adding to my obsession with pretty journals}
{Grazing at brunch is one of my guilty pleasures}
{The best surprise prints found in a restaurant's bathroom that I'm swooning over}

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