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Necessary Winter Accessories

I recently found out about fleece-lined tights from a friend. I'm sure I'm probably the only one who didn't know about this and as a lover of tights, why didn't I hear of them before? You better believe that the minute she told me about them, I quickly made a dash to find them, and let me tell you, what a difference! They're especially great on the cold days that we've been experiencing here on the East Coast.

Anyway, I must say, with all the brutally freezing days that we've been having, I quickly realized how very little warm winter clothes I possess. So, I've been taking a mental inventory of what I lack for my winter comfort which subsequently sends me into a frenzy looking to acquire some winter accessories and necessities/must-haves for the frigid days before I turn into a popsicle.

1. Calvin Klein leopard print fingerless gloves $27.99 (just to add some pizazz on those dreary days of winter)
3. Ann Taylor colorful fingerless gloves $28 (Love the cheeriness of these)
4. Kate Spade New York Fingerless Gloves With Stripes $46.80 are some other pretty cool fingerless gloves that I'm loving...
~ these are just plain dainty/feminine.
~ I totally think I could make this pair.
~ And these are definitely attention-getters. I'll have to wait 'til I'm wealthy to get these FO SHO!
~ I'm always a sucker for a bow detail.
~ Now, these aren't too shabby for the price - with a bonus of flirty-glam.

1. Now this wild cable-knit faux-fur trapper hat $28.80 (I have a similar one to this one, but I'm also liking this one a lot. These type of hats are obviously amazingly warm and kind of fun to wear)
2. Rib two pom beanie $17.59 (I like this one for the playful and sweet air about it) are some more sophisticated hats on my list ...
~ A Russian hat is a must in my closet.
~ And who wouldn't want this hat!
~ Pom-poms are what's missing in my collection of hats - definitely could use this one for the casual days running errands, instead of wearing my mink or dressy hats all the time, especially on those unexpected rainy days. 


  1. Fabulous selections, darling!
    I love fingerless gloves!


  2. Umm sorry to admit but it looks like I am the last one to know about fleece lined tights! Why didn't we know about these?? I love what they have done with fingerless gloves. I think they are becoming even more popular, thus CUTE & STYLISH, because of smart phones, etc. Thanks for sharing all the styles!