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New Apartment Inspirations: Fashion Art

Next month is going to be exciting as we are gearing up to start searching for a permanent and much better (larger) apartment that will give me the opportunity to revive my love of decorating my home once again. As a lover of art I have been searching for some prints or pieces (like art deco, old vintage posters and prints like these) for the new space since I have a pretty good vision of how I want the new place to look.  So far I find these prints appealing, but I'm also thinking of going through my large collection of photographs to see what I can enlarge and use as art as well - which gives a home a much more personalized feel and showcases one's personality.

The following are prints of the painter Erté.  Coincidentally, I met one of his collaborators on my recent trip to Las Vegas and had the most amazing privilege of seeing some of his original art in his friend's gallery. Will share more details later, but this is some of his art that I'm wishing to have. You can click the images for links as well.

*Image source: (1),  (2 - 5 are from,  (6) Compact Vanities Black Rose limited art edition (7), ERTE Original Vintage 1932 Art Deco Harper's Bazaar painting, (8) Erte Elegance Sienna Makuto print 

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