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NY Fashion Week: Outfit Choice No. 2

3. Prada sunnies $290
6. Winter leaves bracelet $13.99 (I'm really loving this bracelet)

For the last 13 years of my freelance career, I have come across many people (people that I don't often mention due to client confidentiality) that expose me to many opportunities, and one of those clients extended to me the opportunity to help prep for NY Fashion Week, but to my shocking, eye bulging, palm sweating, heart dropping chagrin that opportunity/offer came after my hubby had already booked a business trip for the two of us to Las Vegas. I felt sick to my stomach, because that's a one in a lifetime opportunity that I highly doubt will come my way again anytime soon, but it's a reality of my life. It always seem inevitable in my case to somehow be presented with life altering opportunities, and decisions that come to me all at once where I often have to deeply ponder over which decision and/or choice will work out the best for my family and others involved. And in this case, although a tough one, part of the trip will be to squeeze in a visit with a friend that's really sick, so it was a good decision for me. However, it doesn't dampen my spirit from imagining what I would/could have been wearing this week to the show. In honor of my NYFW missed opportunity, I decided that I will post daily for the next 7 days to show what I would have loved to have worn - starting with NY Fashion Week: Outfit Choice No. 1.

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