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Vegas Revisited...

{A bird's eye view of Utah's snow capped mountains from the plane}

When I read this quote "If, amidst the turmoil, you can find just one moment of peace in each day, then your whole life will become more joyful. Like the water in a lake, when your mind is calm, you can see the depths below." - Ed and Deb Shapiro

I thought how true that is. Certainly, going back to Vegas with the hubby on a business trip for almost two weeks really was a whirlwind - between the chaos of sharing a rental car, back-to-back client meetings, dinner appointments, catching up with a handful of friends, connecting with new entrepreneurs and brainstorming about possible future opportunities for my oh, so humble website... all this on very little sleep with jet lag sure made the trip feel tumultuous. 

However, amidst that tight schedule, we took the time to also enjoy the moments of each day. Personally, I had a great time - (although the hubby might have a different perspective as he worked harder and played less), but over all there was a good balance of work and a bit of fun too. And of course what makes people more joyful than having great conversations along with eating and drinking coupled with plenty of laughter? There was a fare share of that...

{We escaped that NY blizzard and enjoyed a much warmer Vegas climate}

{Made a pilgrimage with a girlfriend to one of my favorite boba tea drink places and got my fix}

{Wouldn't it be fun riding this around in NYC?}
{I ate a lot of crab dipped in drawn butter... twice! Not a very good diet, but it was vacation I say...}
{The cutest clay bowls with sweet messages}

{I've been eyeing this painting for a long time now in a LV' store window}

{After dinner dessert enjoyed with friends at one of our favorite restaurants}

Enjoy the positive moments of each day. I wish everyone a peaceful weekend.

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  1. You have GOT to get that dog - the real thing and the art! The clay dishes are fun - sweet messages make a good surprise when a person sees it after eating a tasty dessert served in the dish!