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An Amazing Look At Los Angeles

For years now, I've had the privilege of many travel experiences worth journaling about. I walked on the truest deep blue and picturesque beaches of Barbados, visited the amazing Monte Carlo, and experienced the rain forest in Dominica. I marveled at Spain's bustling vivacious city of Barcelona and Rome's centuries old ruins that just leave you in awe. I feasted on estofado de mariscos in Mexico, ceviche and margarita in Cabo San Lucas, Deep dish pizza in Chicago, and nutella Panini with café au lait in France just to mention a few.

But each time I come back to Los Angeles, I experience an indescribable excitement that always leaves me and the hubby desiring to live there. I know part of the reason is because of the gorgeous weather that just immediately relaxes you and puts you in a good mood.  (Actually, my love affair with this state really began with a childhood viewing of Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place.)  I was always fascinated with all the fancy convertibles speeding down the palm tree lined highways under the perfect beautiful blue skies of California while the ocean breeze wisped through your hair/face. The interplay of the climbing vines mixed with bright red Bougainvilleas creates such a pleasant kaleidoscopic of lushness along with the aromatic scent in the air - just makes you feel grateful to be alive. The city is almost the whole package deal (with the exception of a few minuses: like the lack of theaters, the frequent wild fires, smog, earthquakes, mudslides, no seasons, non-attractive critters I'm sure, and the insanely nonsensical traffic). But an attractive state nonetheless... besides what cities don't have their minuses.

The additional pluses aside from the ones mentioned above is the fact that it is the entertainment capitol of the world with it's fair share of fashion and décor boutiques and it's a foodie's paradise with its culinary superstars, including the museums and fragrant parks. This place makes New Yorker's such as ourselves feel like home every time. The real estate is just as astronomical as it is back east except that you get better value for the money as it is a luxuriously relaxed, beautifully clean lifestyle if you settle in the right zip codes. Our ideal area in Los Angeles is definitely the west side - I guess because parts of it reminds us of Long Island, NY where we're from. Favorite neighborhoods hands down are: Santa Monica, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills. I mean check out a few of the quick shots I snapped while driving/exploring some of these areas. Doesn't it look dreamy?


  1. If you really insist, yes of course, I would be happy to occupy the guest house of your L.A. home! ;)

    1. Haha:) your comments make me laugh. I even liked the first one that I accidentally deleted:(
      "Kim0322 has left a new comment on your post "An Amazing Look At Los Angeles":
      Make sure you buy a house that has a guest house for me! ;) You are so descriptive - after reading your post, I want to BE there! "