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Celine Leather Luggage Tote Bag

While it's true most of us are inspired by the "it " bags that we see on the arms of many celebrities and  bloggers  which creates a desire within us to also own such bags, the fact is that many of us can't afford them. Does that mean we can't look as stylish?  No, because thankfully there are many other brands that have kept up with the latest trends while maintaining their goods at a much more affordable price tag for regular folks like us. If you really must have the top name brand, I've always encouraged people to sell things in their closet that might still be in great condition, but no longer serves a purpose and save that money for the splurge.

Also remember too, that most of those celebrities and the "it/successful" bloggers that you see sporting those bags on their forearms are given those items for free for the sake of advertising for those brands because of their huge following. However, take for instance, the highly branded Celine bag that ranges from a hefty price tag of $1,500 - $3,600 (depending on the size you purchase) compared to these beautiful much more sensibly priced options like: J.Crew colorblock tartine satchel or even this bowler bag by Asos is pretty stunning... check out this Colorblock one which is definitely an eye catcher. The versatility of a light weight leather coach bag such as this one is a must-have to carry all of a girl's necessities in style from work to a night out; it's also perfect for traveling.

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