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Recently, Michael Strahan on LIVE! With Kelly and Michael read the news clipping "Gel Manicure vs Coffin'Nails" warning about how it can be dangerous because of the UV light used to dry the gel on the nails. Basically, dermatologists are saying that it actually increases the risk of skin cancer...allegedly. This is something that I've thought of too, since I've been getting the gel manicure when I know I'll be traveling for a long duration because it is extremely durable and has a three week non-chip, no worry guarantee. However, I thought it was a strange coincidence when Michael Strahan was curious about what women do when the new nail starts to grow in because a couple of days before, I had contended with the same dilemma and had to find a solution for my unsightly growth gap (no pun intended...Michael;) from my cuticles down, as I had an event to attend when I got back from my travels and had no time to go sit in the salon for 45 minutes+. What did I do you ask? Well, with all the new nail design trends going on at the moment, I was inspired to create my own look customized to fit my personal style with just two things:

1. Milani jewel gold glitter (also used here)
2. Finished with OPI RapiDry top coat (seen here), or Seche fast drying works just as well.

The very unattractive nail growth of before and after

The manicure ended up lasting an extra week longer than usual. I thought it's such a quick solution for those who get the gel manicure and might not have the time to go to the Salon.

Like I mention above - the manicure lasts three weeks with no chipping or dulling.

~ The exposure to the UV light (which tingles by the way) once they put on the gel color and it feels much hotter on the skin than I think it should.
~ You waste a good 45 minutes to an hour getting the nails done.
~ You have to go get the nail polish removed professionally so as not to damage your nail beds if peeled off.
~ Frequent use of the gel manicure actually weakens your nails from all the filing that they do after soaking the gel off your nails.

The good news: Now they have regular gel nail polishes (in an array of colors that are much more inexpensive) that can be applied at home with a drying time of 5 minutes - promising no more dings or smudges with a lasting shine and easy to remove. I think it's one route Kelly wouldn't mind going for because you can change the color as often as you want since it applies like a regular nail polish. AND, it's UV light-free/less time consuming!

PS: I'll be using the new gel nail polishes now that they're available.

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  1. That is a really great creative improvisation! Always thinking outside the box!