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Grateful Moments

[Chocolate soufflĂ©: shared with the hubby at a new neighborhood spot]

I hope everyone's week was a good one. My week was one of those that kept on derailing minute by minute with one bad news after another, but at least today was a good day with pleasant sunny spring weather. I'm looking forward to a much calmer weekend that will be spent with friends where we build each other up. In the meantime, here are a few things that lightened up my week.

[Traveling companions: a clutch, sunnies, my Nikon camera, a journal + pen for documenting the moments and inspirations]

[A new addition to my bar: a surprise gift from a friend]

[Nutella crepe + hot cocoa: a once in a while must-have craving]

[An old faux candlelit fountain in our home office that keeps us calm while hard at work]

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