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Bringing Cafe Style Home

I'm my happiest when I'm sitting at a sidewalk café on a nice spring day in NYC with a favorite glass of wine or a cup of tea and dessert chatting with a friend or the hubby. Admittedly, at any given time, I find my mind drifting (especially during menial tasks or uninteresting company) with blissful thoughts of... 'I wish I could be sitting at a quaint little sidewalk café right about now sipping on my wine...' Especially wine in a café in Paris with French music echoing in the background. I must say that is truly my happy place.

Obviously, most of us including myself probably can't just hop to a Paris café when our hearts desire, but it's an easy trend that can be created at home with a few necessary items. Think of using café chairs in an eat in kitchen or breakfast nook. Also, an outdoor patio offers the chance to create a quaint café setting.

Here are a few items to help recreate the look:

1. Bistro round table and chairs set (other less expensive ones not pictured) $387
2. Cozy afternoon teapot set $18.99
3. Round polyester checkered tablecloth $25.15
4. Tazo calm chamomile tea $4.99
5. Giara water bottle $8.99
6. Jonathan Adler muse mug $24
7. Bistro chair cushion set - red $52.99

*images: (1), (2, (3 + 4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (9), (10), (personal image)

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