Grateful Moments

[An ode to classic NYC of yesteryear]

Happy Sunday, my dear friends! This was such a busy week, I didn't have any time to write my usual Friday 'grateful moments' post. However, there was plenty to be grateful for and I couldn't let another week start back up without sharing some of the  things that made my week. This weekend, I'm away on business mixed with a dash of pleasure. Hope you've enjoyed your weekend and had plenty of memorable moments.

[An unexpected gorgeous Victorian teapot gift from a friend towards my collection for high tea party...thanks Anne]
[Checked off my wishlist: my Kate Spade lenticular eyes iPhone 5 case finally came]
[One of my first NYC design jobs board presentation back in 2003 for a bachelor pad]
[OMG! You didn't have to... they're purrfect!;]

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