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Grateful Moments

{The city spring blooms from our home office window}

This week it occurred to me that if we were to move back to Long Island we could easily become hermits (potentially like Howard Hughes except without all the cash) as we work at home. As much as we love the island and remember how peacefully beautiful it is - it misses life!  It takes too long to drive to everything and nothing is within walking distance.  With experience living in different locales, we have discovered that we're cut out for the conveniences and energy of suburban living. Suburb + urban = suburban life. It's the best of both worlds for our situation as the hubby hates living directly in the city with all the crowds, traffic and all, and I'm not quiet ready as of yet for the deadness of true country life.  In the meantime, here are a few of the things that inspired me, and kept any stress at bay this week.

{It never hurts receiving some sweets from a friend's visit in Hawaii ~ thanks Jean;}
{Why settle for boring masking tape when you can get these at Madewell...}
{These rainbow cake pops make eating cake even more attractive}
{When one door doesn't work...I try another one...gotta keep on trying until it works} *image: via

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