Keeping The Warm Weather Thoughts Alive

[View of LA from hotel room]

Even being in the middle of spring, we're still experiencing very cold days and still in winter gear here on the east coast. I can't stop thinking of our recent quick stop in California for business and the sunny views from our hotel. In need of a pick me up, I sorted through some of the photos from that trip to perk my wilted soul in an attempt to be reenergized as I've been a little lethargic from all the grey skies that won't seem to go away.

[View of Brentwood from our hotel room balcony...just breathtaking]

[Hotel lobby + restaurant's chandeliers that I want]

[Afternoon wine area in the hotel - really liking the shelves... pic via the: iPhone]

[The hotel's pool area and fireplace where we leisurely worked... last pic via the: iPhone]

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  1. I want to live in Brentwood! It seems like a nice "family" neighborhood. Thank you for sharing your photos!