Grateful Moments

[Jewelry display spotted on Fifth Avenue store window]

I was feeling quite anxious this week and it left me uninspired and glum. Well, for the first time in a long while there was actual sunshine that lasted all day that beckoned me to leave my home office and take a much needed stroll on Fifth avenue to take in some fresh air and clear the mind.

My first stop was the Henri Bendel store and boy, am I glad I made it my first stop. I found myself mesmerized by the different merchandise displays, but the best yet, was meeting so many friendly creative people that were full of life and truly love what they do which I needed to see and be surrounded by this week*. Chatting with them and looking at their amazingly beautiful creations reinvigorated my creative mind (in addition to a little shopping which didn't hurt either). It's a feeling that can't be gained by just surfing the worldwide WEB. Being a people person, I thrive on meeting and speaking with other creative minds face-to-face which not even Pinterest can ever replace. Besides, one of my goals for this year is to spend more time outdoors instead of being glued to my home office desk in front of the computer screen all day. Taking a walk outside in the natural environment (depending on the environment that is...) releases brain chemicals that calm, sooth away stress, and provide an emotional relief. So if you have an opportunity to spend some time outdoors this weekend after perhaps being couped up in an office, by all means do it!  Refresh the mind. Take time to smell the flowers of spring and become inspired and then find yourself heading back home with the impetus to tackle the spring cleaning list that's been sitting there all this time.

[Brought some spring florals into the apartment for a pick me up]

[Remember the goodie bags from Santa Monica? This is a sampling of what was in them... Fig & Red currant soy candles that smell AH-MA.ZING! Comparable to Dyptique candles hands down]

[Also from the goodie bags: was this beautiful (very versatile) two-tiered serving dish - perfect for displaying Hors D'oeuvres, fruits and/or even jewelry]

[The new statement bag on my wish list: is this colorful arm candy cork + leather trimmed bag designed by this talented and nicest person I interacted with this week]

[A weekly pilgrimage: Oysters at the coziest moody restaurants... brings me back to  my childhood dream of opening a quaint restaurant or boutique one day]

*These are the moments that make life worthwhile...worthy of documenting for the low days. Inspiration is all around us. We just have to be present to receive every bit of it with open arms and gratitude. Happy weekend!  

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