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Ripe Lemon

Lemon yellow jeans, polka-dot shirt (similar), floppy crushable wide brim hat (perfect to protect your skin from the sun...similar), Glitter belt (similar), Mixed old jewelry pieces, Short necklace and earring set c/o Moesha

It's amazing how injecting a little color into your wardrobe can brighten and apparently even boost your mood. I wore this outfit the day after the Boston tragedy. The lemon yellow skinny jeans paired with a polka-dot shirt along with my floppy hat for a relaxed summery flair really picked up my saddened mood, while at the same time keeping with my goal (check!) to add more color into my rather gloomy dark closet figuratively and literally.

How was your weekend? Hope it was fun and a restful one. Here's a little sneak peek video of my weekend.

Happy Monday!

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