Steel Cut Oatmeal

True, oatmeal isn't everyone's favorite. It wasn't my favorite for a long time, especially after being teased in grade school by kids that would yell out,  "eww, you're eating spit...hahaha...giggling kids echoing..." after every time I'd pour out the hot gooey, slimy, runny oatmeal prepared by mom out of my slim long silver thermos. Needless to say, I was turned off by oatmeal for a long while. It can definitely be a texture that is hard to overcome for sure.

However, as I started to appreciate healthier eating, I began turning back to foods that although aren't necessarily my favorites, were worth giving a second chance since I know they're good for me. My approach is to always find ways to doctor up a not-so-favorite traditional dish (like the oatmeal) in ways that I make it my own while keeping it nutritious and palatable. When I discovered steel cut oatmeal, I decided to give it a try for all the good things I heard about it. I have to say it isn't like the kind of oatmeal that mom made when I was a kid.  I guess it's because I make mine totally different by adding some extra ingredients that give it viscosity and I make it more visually appetizing as well (since you eat with your eyes first).

Here's one way I approach my steel cut oatmeal. First of all, I make a whole pot in one day to last me almost a week. Following these directions will help your oatmeal not end up like a hard lump of rock....


2 cups Almond milk (I use Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla)
2 cups water
2 tbsp. agave syrup or honey
1 cup steel cut oatmeal
Dash of vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
Dash of cinnamon powder (optional)
1 tbsp. of unsalted butter (optional)


In a pot add the milk, water, agave syrup, pinch of salt, then bring to a boil. Then add the oatmeal and simmer for 1 minute. Turn off fire. Cover pot and let sit for 25 minutes. Add butter and cinnamon. Stir and enjoy with your favorite fruits/toppings sprinkled on top.

TIP: Every morning instead of rushing out without eating, you can easily warm up your already prepared oatmeal by just scooping out your portions into a bowl and stick it in the microwave for a minute or two. Then stir in your favorite fruit toppings such as blueberries, strawberries, craisins, cranberries, coconut flakes or whatever your palate desires and you've got a healthy start to the day.

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