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Grateful Moments

{After having a great tour at the MET museum, we came out to gloomy rainy tornado like winds and rain where my umbrella simultaneously blew inside out and my iPhone fell into a huge puddle while I was attempting to take this picture. Thanks to the hubby who was quick to get it, it still works perfectly...phew!}
I've been so busy with my day to day to-do lists and the hustle and bustle of city life, it never once occurred to me that it was memorial day weekend! The brisk fall weather that we've been experiencing sure didn't give any inkling that we're close to summer. The hubby and I ventured out in the torrential rain to do some great touristy things that we've always wanted to do, and visited with some friends for some good food, drinks and laughter before we hit the road this weekend for another long road trip. This time, I'm mostly going to document it via my iPhone, so if you're interested on our little journey, you can follow along on Instagram.
{Crème brule at café Henri - memorable moments shared with good friends}

{Is Victoria's secrets in the wings, you think? I'd love one of these for a wall decoration}
{The cutest back patio in the middle of a bustling city. The cheery benches and lights make me smile every time the hubby and I eat here}
{Look who's driving in Soho on a rainy day}
Happy Weekend!


A Peek Into Our NYC Apartment

When we saw our new NYC apartment, although small we fell in love with some of it's details, like the beautiful dark cherry wood floors, the French doors to the room we made into the office, the tall ceilings and some of the minor architectural details of the space {especially the 11" wide moldings throughout}, but of course it was bland and bare.  I couldn't wait to transform this little diminutive jewel-box-like space into a home that oozes with our personality, flair and style, but due to lack of space and storage, we knew we weren't going to stay in it for long, so the hubby did not allow me to go crazy decorating the place properly to our taste. Sadly, it did not undergo the complete metamorphosis into the home that it could  be. Naturally, I could not live there without adding some minor touches here and there just to make it feel homey and welcoming.

However, since moving into this new apartment, quiet a few friends have asked to see it but, being the perfectionist that I am and not having really decorated it to my standards, I feel/know it's not in the least bit worthy of showing it. But, knowing that real soon we'll be moving on from this space kind of motivated me to post some photos for a reference to look back on when we're in a (hopefully) much more efficiently laid out space that suits our needs SOON! Want to take a peek? Here it is...

What do you do with a cramped foyer? See my 7 ways to style a foyer here.

The throw pillow makeover was featured here ...I also want to add these in my next place}.

You can also see how a butler tray DIY turned into a mini bar cart here and here.

Find my office cornice DIY details here.

Sometimes, a little creativity is all it takes to make a small space work.

Hopefully, the photos portray this 700sf space well and satisfies those who've been asking to see photos for the past year. Thanks for stopping by. Come back again. If you're inspired by this site at all, please follow it via: Bloglovin', Twitter, Instagram.


Fashion Must-Haves: Tan Ankle Booties

Lately, it seems like tan suede ankle booties are taking the streets one pair of feet at a time. Granted, they're one of those classics that remain on-trend, but I feel like I've been seeing more and more of them. Usually, I refrain from buying the "it" piece that everyone is wearing, but I'm an ankle booties fanatic, and it's a shade that I'm missing in my collection which makes wanting one even more sense to me.  Now, the challenge is to just pick one pair...I love their versatility ranking them high on my fashion must-haves item list.

4. Elizabeth and James suri cut out booties $325
6. Jeffrey Campbell fringe booties $165

Think about it, instead of wearing the typical black shoes, what a nice change it would be to pair one of these with jeans, or even with an adorable pleated chiffon (similar to here and here) or lace skirt, and/or on cold months they can also be paired with black tights. What I like most, are the heels. They have a much lower stacked heel that is much more practical and comfortable than most of my other shoes that I usually wear to run errands in when out shopping either for me or clients. By the way, I did make a decision and purchased one. Which one do you think I snagged? Let me know by commenting in the comment box below.

...other favorites not shown:
* Izie Fringe Booties... talk about attention-getter!
* Wild thing at a much more affordable price point...
* Artfully seamless... very trendy...
* A true tonal stud... ranking very high on my wish list for sure!
* Burnished tan details cool and hip...


Teardrop Diamond Earrings

While diamonds are a girl's best friend - realistically, not every girl would feel comfortable dropping $5,000 on one pair of earrings, unless, of course you're fortunate enough where money isn't an object. I can't think of anything else that can be any more feminine than a stunning pair of diamond teardrop earrings or a more reasonably priced pair. It's one of those accessories that if paired with a drab outfit, can instantly dress up the look to an entirely different vibe. Teardrop earrings are truly a must-have fashion accessory in every lady's jewelry collection. Whichever one fits your budget, opt for a pair.


Asymmetrical Chevron

Graphic chevron top (similar here), Shimmery leggings (old...similar here), BCBG heels c/o Gracie, Kelly green Ralph Lauren tote, Franco Sarto Sunnies, Joan Rivers multi-colored bangle (shown here), Fossil watch (similar here and here), Crystal cluster necklace {shown here and similar here}, 

Channeling the New Yorker in me with a black and white outfit in sunny Santa Monica. However, I felt the rather basic shimmery leggings were revitalized with the graphic asymmetrical chevron print top. For an extra twist and interest I finished the look with my (oldie, but bestie) pink heels and a bright Kelly green Ralph Lauren traveling tote which kept the look from feeling too flat and bland. Whenever you're having one of those 'not sure what to wear days', I find that you can never go wrong with falling back on the classic mix of black, white - giving you a blank canvas for some head turning colorful accessorizing where you can let your personality shine.



Grateful Moments

{A lovely stroll enjoyed with an old time friend: Empire state on the left and Chrysler building on the right. Do you see the two needles projecting in the sky?}

This definitely has been a long week in all sense of the word but, also one to be grateful for, especially if you still have your possessions, can embrace your loved ones, and are not displaced or facing any major disaster as our dear neighbors are experiencing in Oklahoma. We're fervently praying for you OK to overcome these tragic moments. Relief will come soon. Unexpected disasters such as these help me to appreciate that tomorrow is never promised and never to take anything or anyone for granted. Live each day consciously and be kind to everyone - even the ones you might think you don't need because you never know when you might need such ones. On another note: my weekend is going to involve packing and more packing. So enjoy the weekend for me and you;)...since I will not be able to enjoy a true relaxing quiet one for a while.

{I have such an affinity for cars in general, but especially old classics - I often imagine myself with the hubby doing our Sunday drive in a convertible like this through the vineyards of Santa Barbara or better yet, the south of France}
{The Santa Monica clock against the pure blue sky reminds me of Mykonos, which brings a smile to my face}
{Isn't this clay earthenware the neatest looking thing you've ever seen to put your used tea bag in?}

{And there you have it. A great quote to remember sold at World Market}


Mini Sweet & Sour Pork Sliders

As I've previously mentioned on here, I'm one who prefers smaller portions as opposed to sitting in front of a huge gigantic sized ("biggie it up") plate with a mountain of food. No matter how famished I may be, I instantly lose my appetite when that happens. Naturally, I always get psyched when I come upon an every day classic recipe that can be downsized to a much more manageable petite size, and most importantly one that can be plated and presented as gourmet instead of a mere plate of grub to chomp on or as I like to say just pure 'stomach filler'. Following this recipe , I made these darling two-biter mini sliders which came out as tasty as they are pretty.  Imagine plating a bunch of these on a bed of greens on a silver platter accompanied with some sweet potato fries for an intimate super bowl party or for a casual night with friends? And you can always wash them down with this smooth creamy drink that's just like dessert!


Favorite Links: Of This & That

1. A site that sells the prettiest curtains.

2. A refreshing dessert, just in time for summer.

3. 15 Things every woman should write down right now.

4. Why not surprise a valued person in your life with a personalized gift...

5. This foiled dot napkin set is a must-have for a great hostess $24


Geometric Flower on An Off Day

Club Monaco jacket (also seen here), JGHook dress (ancient), Steven Madden heels, Franco Sarto sunglasses (similar here), Henri Bendel cuff leather bracelet (similar here), Kenneth Cole watch

Have you ever had one of those days when the minute you get out of bed everything just starts to go awry and sometimes there's no stopping it? Well, this day was pretty much like that about ninety percent of the day.

First off, I totally put on the wrong shoes with this outfit...the shoes I had set aside for this look slipped my mind and I picked up the ones you see in the photos which were meant for another shoot.  Yep, complete brain fart there...gratefully, they're neutral and kind of worked, but that's when the day started to unravel. Needles to say, I felt like a hot mess for the most part of the day until we finally sat down for dinner and after a glass of Moscato, I finally kind of took a deep breath and let that day pass peacefully. Thankfully, the day ended up pretty good with a decadent meal, some good laughs, and a new forged friendship. Sometimes, no matter how bad a day gotta find the silver lining so it doesn't totally take control of you. Do whatever it takes to let it go before the sun sets - it might be wearing a favorite dress, shoes, lipstick, jewelry or time with friends or family (for those who have family).




New Apartment: Office Furniture and Accessories

I'm looking forward to upgrading to a much bigger apartment soon that will motivate me to decorate once again, so I've been hunting and curating a list of some home necessities and accessories that I'd love to incorporate - like a bigger, much more functional desk, fashion art (shown here), accent tables, pretty positive affirmation words, etc...

1. I love the pop of color this orange Jonathan Adler desk would give a room $1,750
2. You can be sure staring at such positive affirmations (sold by One Kings Lane) on a wall across your desk on a daily basis will definitely counteract any low-opinion of oneself $26
3. I'm imagining two of these glamorous Barcelona cowhide chairs facing my desk sitting over perhaps this rug? $1,368
4. A joined work desk for the two of us in case the hubby and I will have to share an office again $174


Coco Lopez

Recently, I had a Coco Lopez drink at a restaurant that immediately took me back to an anniversary vacation that the hubby and I enjoyed in Puerto Rico nine years ago. It inspired me to make it at home doctoring it up Rebecca style and what that means is  adding an extra ounce of Puerto Rican rum and Coco Lopez. It's such an easy refreshing creamy drink to make, but yet, it's decadent, making it a perfect impressive drink to serve at your next gathering, especially with the summer months on the horizon.


1 fresh lemon juice (make sure it's a very juicy one)
3 oz pineapple juice
6 oz coco lopez
4 oz Puerto Rican Rum
Handful of ice
Toasted shredded coconut to garnish the rim of the glass (optional)
Sprinkle shredded coconut on top (optional)
Lemon wedges for garnish
Makes 2 servings


- Combine all ingredients in a blender (minus the shredded coconut) and press crush ice and pulse until well blended into a slush.
- Garnish rim of glasses with toasted shredded coconut.
- Pour drink into glasses sprinkle your shredded coconut on top and enjoy!

PS: This drink can always be adjusted to your taste.


Regrets and Mistakes are Memories Made

*Image via

Over the course of our lives, I'm sure one time or another we've all been asked if we regret certain decisions or the course of life we've chosen. I'm not exempt of that inquiry myself. While I make it a goal to always try to focus on my blessings and all the positives in my life, every now and then, when some dreams or goals don't pan out as I wished, I still battle with quick bouts of regrets, but really, who doesn't? After all, regret is mental sorrow, pain of mind, at something done or perhaps left undone. As one Poet J.G. Whittier puts it: "Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest of these: 'It might have been!'" referring to things that we regret, that we wish we could do over and do differently.

Being imperfect humans, no matter how carefully calculated we are when it comes to making "successful decisions" in life, we will always find that each decision embarked on comes with its own set of consequences that can either be good or bad and sometimes plain terrible, and can mentally and emotionally trip us up to the point of weariness. Unfortunately, when such terrible mistakes or bad decisions are made some find themselves constantly plagued with "if onlys". And you have some who are able to overcome those feelings and continue on with their lives. You wonder how can they do it?

The key is to let those regrets and mistakes be memories made (as Adele aptly puts it in her lyrics). In other words, they're memories of what not to do again. You can remember the past (obviously there are regrets and mistakes that are indelibly marked in our minds that only will fade with time), but don't waste valuable energy dwelling on regrets and past mistakes, because continually berating oneself over the past can become so crippling that all it can lead to is complete inability to move forward in life. Instead of expending that energy only to get nowhere, it's better to take positive action that can produce better results - such as, avoid making the same mistakes again - drawing on what the bad choices have taught, and focus on what can be done now to making wiser choices and better decisions moving forward.

So to answer the question if I have regrets? To my chagrin it's an inevitable fact of life, especially for an individual who tends to be a perfectionist - always wanting things to work out perfectly, but obviously that's not possible. Hence, the way I deal with those moments (which I've referred to as quick at the outset) is simply choosing to be a progressive person... meaning that I make it a point to not let those regrettable thoughts stay there when they do enter my mind. I often like to joke saying: 'that I don't rent space in my mind to things that don't contribute to my well-being...if it's toxic, it must be evicted immediately'. It has been said that life can be understood by looking back but that it must be lived by looking ahead. So rather than fretting over past regrets and mistakes, dwelling on what cannot be undone, I daily strive to only concern myself about the present and the future - taking steps that will help me reach my goals in life.

How about you? How do you deal with regrets and mistakes?


Much Needed Kitchen Accessories

After fifteen years with some of the same kitchen accessories that have served me well, they are now looking worn and crusty which casts a somber feeling in my kitchen, so it's time to bring some life and zest by replacing them. I'm a firm believer that prettier colorful kitchen accessories make cooking much more joyful. These are some of what's on my list thus far:

1. Every kitchen needs one of these bright and cheery mixers even if it's just for decoration. I'm in Love! $349.99
2. Although I already have a white fondue set, this colorful one would make entertaining that much more fun $17.58
3. How darling are these pie cookie cutter stamps? $8.29
4. It's time for me to upgrade to this zesty electric citrus juicer $30
5. This colored cake stand would make serving any sweet treats even sweeter $34

Which one would make the cut on your kitchen accessories must-have list?


Happy Monday

See outfit details here

All I have to say is that it's been an extremely busy past week of traveling capped off with a lovely productive weekend. Due to super busy upcoming weeks and months, my posts might not be on the regular or will be very short and sweet. But please stick with me, as there'll be lots of exciting things to share with you that hopefully will keep  inspiring you. Hope you fully enjoyed your weekend. Have a great week.

In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at the little moments I enjoyed during this past week.

{Café Montana: I love a well designed/decorated restaurant and the bonus - the food was just as lovely as the place}

{Now this is the way to start a super early flight: a blue pom smoothie...consists of pomegranate, blueberry, white grape juice}
{I couldn't stop drooling when I saw these...}

{View from our lovely hotel room in Brentwood, CA - it relaxes me all over again}

{A colorful lunch at LAX...surprisingly the food was good!}

Xx, Rebecca


Currently Inspired By: Colored Front Doors

Now that we're on the hunt for a new place, I find that colored front doors have been catching my eye. In our first house I had a deep brown door with the oval beveled glass I had dreamed of in my 20s. Then when we had the privilege to build our second home, I went with a muted green door that I felt was apropos for the environment and liked very much, but now that we've downsized and back in the rental market for a little while, I'm hoping our next place comes with a cheery colored front door (very rare, I know, but one can hope and dream, right?) Don't these bright colored front doors make you feel alive and happy?!

*Images via: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)