A Peek Into Our NYC Apartment

When we saw our new NYC apartment, although small we fell in love with some of it's details, like the beautiful dark cherry wood floors, the French doors to the room we made into the office, the tall ceilings and some of the minor architectural details of the space {especially the 11" wide moldings throughout}, but of course it was bland and bare.  I couldn't wait to transform this little diminutive jewel-box-like space into a home that oozes with our personality, flair and style, but due to lack of space and storage, we knew we weren't going to stay in it for long, so the hubby did not allow me to go crazy decorating the place properly to our taste. Sadly, it did not undergo the complete metamorphosis into the home that it could  be. Naturally, I could not live there without adding some minor touches here and there just to make it feel homey and welcoming.

However, since moving into this new apartment, quiet a few friends have asked to see it but, being the perfectionist that I am and not having really decorated it to my standards, I feel/know it's not in the least bit worthy of showing it. But, knowing that real soon we'll be moving on from this space kind of motivated me to post some photos for a reference to look back on when we're in a (hopefully) much more efficiently laid out space that suits our needs SOON! Want to take a peek? Here it is...

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The throw pillow makeover was featured here ...I also want to add these in my next place}.

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Sometimes, a little creativity is all it takes to make a small space work.

Hopefully, the photos portray this 700sf space well and satisfies those who've been asking to see photos for the past year. Thanks for stopping by. Come back again. If you're inspired by this site at all, please follow it via: Bloglovin', Twitter, Instagram.

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