Favorite Links: Online Shops

Since I'm often asked where I shop for my clothes, shoes, jewelry etc... I figured I'd list a few of them here. Although I have favorite stores that I frequently visit such as some of the ones listed, I am more of a local boutique shopper for their intimate personal and more individualized service you experience. More importantly, I also know whatever pieces that I buy at a boutique is not mass-produced, so you always end up with one-of-a-kind pieces which is a big draw for me.

1. I need more colorful clutches in my collection. This Aldo Bernell fuschia one is lovely.

2. These earrings are so classy- sold at another favorite store of mine...Anthropologie.

3. A must have statement necklace for the summer from Topshop would look great with a plain grey T-shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of heels.

4. Complement an outfit with this multi pink baker boy cap on a bad hair day from RWC

5. I'm obsessed with wrap bracelets and watches. This one is on my wish list from Gorjana + Griffin.

How about you? What are some of your favorite shops?

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