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Geometric Flower on An Off Day

Club Monaco jacket (also seen here), JGHook dress (ancient), Steven Madden heels, Franco Sarto sunglasses (similar here), Henri Bendel cuff leather bracelet (similar here), Kenneth Cole watch

Have you ever had one of those days when the minute you get out of bed everything just starts to go awry and sometimes there's no stopping it? Well, this day was pretty much like that about ninety percent of the day.

First off, I totally put on the wrong shoes with this outfit...the shoes I had set aside for this look slipped my mind and I picked up the ones you see in the photos which were meant for another shoot.  Yep, complete brain fart there...gratefully, they're neutral and kind of worked, but that's when the day started to unravel. Needles to say, I felt like a hot mess for the most part of the day until we finally sat down for dinner and after a glass of Moscato, I finally kind of took a deep breath and let that day pass peacefully. Thankfully, the day ended up pretty good with a decadent meal, some good laughs, and a new forged friendship. Sometimes, no matter how bad a day gotta find the silver lining so it doesn't totally take control of you. Do whatever it takes to let it go before the sun sets - it might be wearing a favorite dress, shoes, lipstick, jewelry or time with friends or family (for those who have family).




  1. You look GORGEOUS & the shoes are fine!! It just shows you are good on your feet (pun may or may not be intended) and improvise!