Grateful Moments

{A lovely stroll enjoyed with an old time friend: Empire state on the left and Chrysler building on the right. Do you see the two needles projecting in the sky?}

This definitely has been a long week in all sense of the word but, also one to be grateful for, especially if you still have your possessions, can embrace your loved ones, and are not displaced or facing any major disaster as our dear neighbors are experiencing in Oklahoma. We're fervently praying for you OK to overcome these tragic moments. Relief will come soon. Unexpected disasters such as these help me to appreciate that tomorrow is never promised and never to take anything or anyone for granted. Live each day consciously and be kind to everyone - even the ones you might think you don't need because you never know when you might need such ones. On another note: my weekend is going to involve packing and more packing. So enjoy the weekend for me and you;)...since I will not be able to enjoy a true relaxing quiet one for a while.

{I have such an affinity for cars in general, but especially old classics - I often imagine myself with the hubby doing our Sunday drive in a convertible like this through the vineyards of Santa Barbara or better yet, the south of France}
{The Santa Monica clock against the pure blue sky reminds me of Mykonos, which brings a smile to my face}
{Isn't this clay earthenware the neatest looking thing you've ever seen to put your used tea bag in?}

{And there you have it. A great quote to remember sold at World Market}

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  1. My dad has a 1940 Ford... I love old cars, too! Happy packing!