Grateful Moments

{After having a great tour at the MET museum, we came out to gloomy rainy tornado like winds and rain where my umbrella simultaneously blew inside out and my iPhone fell into a huge puddle while I was attempting to take this picture. Thanks to the hubby who was quick to get it, it still works perfectly...phew!}
I've been so busy with my day to day to-do lists and the hustle and bustle of city life, it never once occurred to me that it was memorial day weekend! The brisk fall weather that we've been experiencing sure didn't give any inkling that we're close to summer. The hubby and I ventured out in the torrential rain to do some great touristy things that we've always wanted to do, and visited with some friends for some good food, drinks and laughter before we hit the road this weekend for another long road trip. This time, I'm mostly going to document it via my iPhone, so if you're interested on our little journey, you can follow along on Instagram.
{Crème brule at café Henri - memorable moments shared with good friends}

{Is Victoria's secrets in the wings, you think? I'd love one of these for a wall decoration}
{The cutest back patio in the middle of a bustling city. The cheery benches and lights make me smile every time the hubby and I eat here}
{Look who's driving in Soho on a rainy day}
Happy Weekend!

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