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Mini Sweet & Sour Pork Sliders

As I've previously mentioned on here, I'm one who prefers smaller portions as opposed to sitting in front of a huge gigantic sized ("biggie it up") plate with a mountain of food. No matter how famished I may be, I instantly lose my appetite when that happens. Naturally, I always get psyched when I come upon an every day classic recipe that can be downsized to a much more manageable petite size, and most importantly one that can be plated and presented as gourmet instead of a mere plate of grub to chomp on or as I like to say just pure 'stomach filler'. Following this recipe , I made these darling two-biter mini sliders which came out as tasty as they are pretty.  Imagine plating a bunch of these on a bed of greens on a silver platter accompanied with some sweet potato fries for an intimate super bowl party or for a casual night with friends? And you can always wash them down with this smooth creamy drink that's just like dessert!

1 comment:

  1. These look delish! Plated beautifully - makes me want to eat slower as to not upset the beauty :)