Much Needed Kitchen Accessories

After fifteen years with some of the same kitchen accessories that have served me well, they are now looking worn and crusty which casts a somber feeling in my kitchen, so it's time to bring some life and zest by replacing them. I'm a firm believer that prettier colorful kitchen accessories make cooking much more joyful. These are some of what's on my list thus far:
1. Every kitchen needs one of these bright and cheery mixers even if it's just for decoration. I'm in Love! $349.99
2. Although I already have a white fondue set, this colorful one would make entertaining that much more fun $17.58
3. How darling are these pie cookie cutter stamps? $8.29
4. It's time for me to upgrade to this zesty electric citrus juicer $30
5. This colored cake stand would make serving any sweet treats even sweeter $34

Which one would make the cut on your kitchen accessories must-have list?


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