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Online Sales

You know what's been the hardest thing lately? The daily flooding of all the different online sales emails in my inbox. They have been soooo tempting, but I must exercise restraint at the moment and thus far have been pretty successful at not caving in. With that being said, however, I'm not sure if I'll be completely successful based upon a couple of these stylish items that I've stumbled upon.  I might have to shoot the lock off my wallet and allow myself some retail bliss... Eh hem...their sale ends soon (June 30th at 11:59pm ET)

I saw these striped bow pumps on a blogger's feet and I was smitten. They're so classy, I'd lower my high heel standards for these mid-heel pumps.

This Anthropologie' roseblush tunic is perfect for those humid summer days

How about you guys? Have you been able to keep your cash in your wallet, or have you gone after all the crazy "online/in-stores sales"?

Happy Sunday shopping!


Grateful Moments

{I really enjoy the Santa Monica June gloom sky...for I prefer the gradual reveal of the sun that eventually appears and brightens the rest of the day}

Here it is, another Friday, and I still haven't had the time to even think about what we'd like to do this summer besides celebrating our upcoming anniversary in August. We've been so busy looking for an ideal place in southern California and eating our way around town that by end of the day, all I can do is crash. But so far we've discovered some favorite places to eat that I'm sure I'll eventually share when we finally get settled which I'm praying is soon! But as usual, despite the rat race of life that can be taxing, there are still moments that make you say 'you know what? I'm still grateful that I experienced this or got to see this or I really enjoyed that...'Despite my moments of lows, I make a conscientious effort to never take them for granted. Hope your summer has started on a good foot and if not, you can still make it right. I wish you all a wonderful stress-free weekend! Do what makes you happy this weekend.

{This Tory Burch crossbody bag is so cheery that it must find its way into my life quickly before summer is over}
{I'm still looking for this decorative horse for our home...I just love its stance}
{A pair of fun silky PJs that I won't have to be embarrassed wearing around guests}
{"The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness." - Abraham Maslows}


Karen Walker Sunnies

When it comes to sunglasses, it seems that for some inexplicable reason every time I wear my most expensive ones, I somehow always manage to either drop them, sit on them or they get stolen (like my white Dolce and Gabbana pair that was stolen out of my car in NYC last year) - which of course makes me leery about buying so many coveted sunnies that are on my wish list such as these oversized retro-inspired Karen Walker ones. But thankfully, this oversized Smythe pair by Sole Society is a great alternative that I think is just as equally stylish. An added bonus: it's at a much sweeter price point that if something did happen to them, at least it would not be too traumatic (to the wallet) or to the heart. 


Favorite Links

1. Indoor plants are to me what pets are to most people. I'm considering getting one of these fiddle leaf fig trees. The maintenance of them doesn't sound too complicated.

2. The most stylish two of a kind gift set by Kate Spade...

3. Such a nifty wedding expenses checklist idea...

4. A decadent way to indulge without worrying about the calories... via

5. Could you use a smile? Watch this clever animation - I'm still wondering how'd they do that...

Rumpled Olive in Tennessee

Olive green linen dress (similar here and here), Strappy leather sandals (acquired years ago at a leather shoe store at the fashion district in Manhattan...somewhat similar here), H+M necklace, Floppy crushable straw hat, Mixed jewelry...some gifted...some old

On the third day of our cross country road trip, I wanted to be comfortable and unrestricted. So I opted for this little old olive green linen dress (which I spent the morning ironing) in exchange of my skinnies. To my frustration, this dress crumpled as soon as I sat down in the truck. Embarrassingly, as we made a pit stop in Tennessee I looked like a cow chewed me and spit me out. As much as I like the light weight of linen for its comfortability, it is one fabric that is very difficult to keep wrinkle-free. I know it's part of the allure of linen which I do appreciate, but having a touch of OCD makes it almost close to impossible for me to see/deal with the rumpled look of it on certain style dresses. I'm okay with it in bed sheets, white summer pants (also here) or drapes, but I don't know if it looks good on all types of dresses...perhaps because I realize that I'm not too fond of this particular style for it doesn't drape well. So needless to say, it's going bye, bye...

Torrential downpour (in Tennessee) during our road trip that I spoke about here...

 How about you? How do you feel about linen?


Currently Inspired by: Summer Hues

I've been working on a couple of inspiration boards to help me visualize and sort out some color palettes for some upcoming projects that I thought I'd share. Now that summer is here I find myself currently inspired by yellow hues, fresh branches in large vases, peonies (of course...who doesn't these days?) and greys sprinkled with some deep hues as shown in SJP's outfit for accents.

Below are some more fun items that I was inspired by when putting this mood board together:

*image source: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9



Cross country road Trip From: New York City to California

Happy first day of summer! Why don't we end the week with a look back at our recent 3,000 mile cross country road trip we did about two weeks ago from New York City to California? Driving about 8-9 hours a day making the drive in roughly 5 1/2 days. As much as it pained my heart to leave our hometown NY...after spending our winter and spring mostly flying endlessly back and forth from the east coast to the west coast for the hubby's business, we thought it'd be best to just relocate to the west coast. As nerve-racking as that is, we're hoping all our years of coming to the west coast coupled with our adventurous spirit will make the transition much easier since we're very familiar with many areas of Cali already. What we're really hoping for being on the west coast is to cut back on constantly being on a plane wasting time and money that can be used for real vacations. We're jet setters, but we'd rather be flying out of the country enjoying the other side of the world as opposed to just within the U.S on work trips.

{From stormy skies to heavy downpours. The pictures don't do justice to what the experience really was like}

{Those were some fun states - full of history...must go back to enjoy them}

One of the delights of driving across the country is the different landscapes, cultures and the change of climate you get to experience. What we found interesting through this journey across the states is not only how vast and flat the country is, but also how you can go from a long stretch of driving through a forest to super lush green to ultra-barren, or sometimes serpentine hilly roads.

There were times on this drive (such as driving through Virginia) that we were going through torrential downpours and could not see anything in front of you!  That was pretty scary. We also saw first hand how damaging the tornado in Oklahoma was. Tractor trailers were intertwined with steel fences in what looked like vermicelli pasta. We were trying to make sure that we did not have to spend the night in Oklahoma, but as night fell and sleepiness overtook us it was unavoidable. What made that stop unnerving was hearing all the news casters warning about tornados and flooding. As we finally nestled into bed to rest... the heavy rain started falling, the high winds picked up, and hail started to pelt the hotel window. Needless to say I barely slept that night (while the hubby slept like a baby) as I was convinced that we were going to get sucked into some funnel cloud into the sky never to see tomorrow. Obviously and thankfully, we survived the night and for the most part enjoyed the long drive for the day.

Long drives (especially in a U-haul) tend to get uncomfortable.  That's why it's important to make the journey as enjoyable as possible by taking pit stops to explore and stretch. Each pit stop offered interesting scenery (as I tried to highlight in these photos.) The most unexpected and enjoyable pit stop for gas was in New Mexico. As we went in to check out this café connected to the convenience store, we stumbled upon a museum of old vintage classic cars which was such a pleasant surprise and gem to experience. It's definitely a spot that can easily be missed as there are no signs advertising its location. It is located on Interstate 40 not too far in after entering the NM border. As I said, we found it because we needed to stop and fuel up. Even when you walk in the store, you still can't see it. You have to walk into the back of the store and right next to the bathrooms is this unexpected 8,500 square foot vintage auto museum (called Russell's classic car museum). We couldn't stop taking pictures, which I'll share with you in another post... yippee! something to look forward to, eh?;)  What's more, the café is a throwback to the 50s style restaurants and actually had pretty good food considering it was in the middle of nowhere.  The food tasted as if "you're at someone's house eating a good homemade meal" and was actually one of our best meals on the road. These are such moments that definitely make life interesting and are fun additions to add to our slew of travel scrapbooks.

{Driving across the states is like a scavenger never know what you're going to see or find at each turn}

{Now this is where the Russell's classic car museum is and that throwback in time diner}

{Oh, as we were entering California...the CA hills were on fire, thus the smoky sky seen here}

What I'm most grateful for as road trip veterans and adventurers are these two things... 1) the ability to not let fear come between us doing the things we love in order to grow, progress and ultimately makes us happy. 2) Also seeing the vastness of such a beautiful country builds an appreciation for it and for life - helping me realize how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things and that there's more to life than just our little existence; more than our own little "bubble". How about you? Have you had the chance to drive across country? What did it help you to appreciate?

P.S. Did I mention that was our 5th cross country road trip over a span of 16 years? We traveled different routes each time. And on this road trip our U-Haul truck got a flat in the middle of Boonesville ...we had to wait three plus hours for roadside assistance to get it fixed. BA-NA-NAS, right!?


Summer Flats

I'm afraid it's getting down to the point where I'm going to have to accept the fact that it's not practical to run errands in high heels all the time, especially on rainy wet NYC slippery streets and subways. The one pair of flats I purchased a few months back in an attempt to start my collection is only for sunny spring/summer days. Really, the only way I'd even give attention to any pair of flats would be if they were interesting, fun, stylish, and practical. Gratefully, I've been seeing a whole array of pretty flats on the streets this year and it's making me look at these functional shoes not as boring but more like an accessory accent to my spring and summer wardrobe. A couple of days ago, I went into Bloomingdale's to return something and ironically stumbled upon a pair of flats that just drew me in its direction (which happened to be from the Rachel Zoe collection).  I'm happy to say I ended up buying them and can't stop staring and touching them. This brings me to my second pair of flats for this season. Woohoo!

1. I love these crystals on buckskin flats because they don't have that tong that cuts into my toes and they're blingy just as I like it.
2. A perfect pair of ballet flats with a tiny heel that elevates your feet and outfits off the ground - timeless and classy
4. Having such a vibrant pair of these playful mouse motif shoes will ensure wearing flats all summer(well, maybe a little bit more than usual;).
5. And since these are no longer available...I'm thinking these or even these sassy ones would be good additions to a summer shoe wardrobe collection.
6. Now, these kitty animal print flat loafers will be a conversation starter for sure. How fun are they?

Which one do you like better in this collage? Here are more options to browse:


Inspiration Board: A Barn Wedding Idea

During a conversation a few months ago, a soon to be bride told me that she wanted to have her wedding at a barn.  I was never aware of that being an option really - and honestly, at first I was like "really?!" But then I got to thinking and in my mind I was trying to picture it and it peaked my interest enough to send me on a Google search just to get an idea. Wow, am I glad I did do the research on it!

I must say that using a barn as a wedding venue (personalized with DIYs from handmade invitations to adorable wedding favors based on each bride's dream or vision) seems so much more special and unique in the most unconventionally enchanted and charming way. I got so inspired by the idea and in honor of wedding season, here are some images that I compiled on my inspiration board thus far...

Bottom right: I thought the heart shape 'words of love save the date cards' to be so sweet and special. I also really like the lanterns idea because I can mentally see the romantic glow that they cast on the night possibly with some lady bugs flickering around as well. Did I ever mention how much I love weddings? I love everything about them, but especially the cake or should I say, the buttery creamy frosting on the cake. Yum! Have you ever attended a barn wedding? What did you think?

*images via: google


The Upper East Side Through My Eyes

{5th Avenue Louis Vuitton window}

Being a freelance shopper comes with perks such as spending a lot of time perusing my way through amazing world renowned shops on the upper east side of Manhattan and getting a shopping fix of buying beautiful things for others without spending a dime of my own. Thankfully, I'm content with what I have, so shopping for someone else brings me just as much joy as it would if I were buying things for myself. At times just strolling those streets and window shopping is such an exciting change instead of the hum drum days working in my home office wishing for retail therapy.

{Lip rings at guarded boutiques}

{Good'ol Godiva chocolate store filled with varieties of flavored chocolate options that you don't usually see in other stores}

If you have never been to the Upper East side and have a chance to visit, here is a small synopsis of it:  It runs from 59th street to 96th street and from East End Avenue to Fifth Avenue. It is filled with rich high profilers and is home to the top most expensive shopping, especially on Madison and fifth Avenue. You can always stop at two of my favorite shops that I visit weekly - Henri Bendel and Dyptique. It's definitely the place where you'll pass many famous people on the streets from actors to producers. In fact, I've bumped into and got to chat with super model Cheryl Tiegs and Joan Rivers. It's also home to the city's best museums like, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim and the Frick.

This is one of my favorite NYC neighborhoods for so many good reasons, but mainly for the shops.  It is also one of the cleanest areas in NYC, and the architecturally beautiful townhomes that populate the streets are what I dream to live in.  Every time I've been in some of these homes to see clients makes me feel like someone is dangling cupcakes in my face just to say 'you don't have enough pennies in your pocket to get it...' (giggles)

*P.S. Excuse the quality of the photos...they're taken with my handy dandy iPhone.

California at Dusk

White skinnies (similar at different price points: here, here and here), Loose (and comfy I might add) beaded top, Multi-colored stripe clutch (similar here), Studded tan pumps (shown here), Franco Sarto sunnies

These photos were shot a couple of months ago from the last time we were in L.A. and they remind me of how much the hubby and I love southern California's moderate weather. I find that the air and atmosphere of California really make taking outfit shots much more compelling and playful - I'm thinking it's because of all the different scenery options there are depending on which part of town you're in.


Grateful Moments

{Hotel Angeleno's: One of the nicest centrally located hotels in Los Angeles with great service that's become our second home here}
Our long road trip across the U.S. of A. finally came to an end last week...I will share some interesting photos on that soon. But in the meantime, I'd like to send greetings from Los Angeles! Despite the June gloom here, it's still way better weather than what we just left back on the East Coast right now...unending torrential rain. This weekend we will be spending time exploring L.A. and checking out the house market, so wish us success on that. Wishing you a sunny fun relaxing weekend.

{This tag on my luggage always makes me smile - taking the edge off traveling nightmares}
{Tacos enjoyed with friends at a favorite Mexican restaurant's back patio}
{A sweet simple project I worked on recently that I'll be sharing with you}
{A new turquoise statement necklace addition c/o H+M}

Pre-Friday Pinspiration No.1: Subtle Colors in Design

Have I mentioned how much I'm grateful for Pinterest? As much as it can become a time consuming vortex, I still find it to be one of the best tools on the Internet. Because before it, my closets and shelves were buried with a bunch of magazine pages that I've ripped out for inspiration, but organizing them turned into an overwhelming mess instead of inspirational. Don't get me wrong, I still have my binders that I've started since the 90's (I get a good laugh and at the same time cringe when I look at some of the furniture and decorating styles that were trending back then...mostly dark/traditional, country or cottage chic or rustic...), but thanks to pinterest, it helps keep my inspiration clippings mess at bay and in a categorically organized way that truly inspires me at a quick glance. ALSO, I've finally managed how much time I spend on there - no more than a 30 minutes a week, thanks to my iPhone. Hopefully you're inspired by some of my favorite pins this week. You can follow my boards right here for more inspiration.

I find myself so drawn to the ethereal subtle tones in every one of these designs.
*Image: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Happy Thursday!