Inspiration Board: A Barn Wedding Idea

During a conversation a few months ago, a soon to be bride told me that she wanted to have her wedding at a barn.  I was never aware of that being an option really - and honestly, at first I was like "really?!" But then I got to thinking and in my mind I was trying to picture it and it peaked my interest enough to send me on a Google search just to get an idea. Wow, am I glad I did do the research on it!

I must say that using a barn as a wedding venue (personalized with DIYs from handmade invitations to adorable wedding favors based on each bride's dream or vision) seems so much more special and unique in the most unconventionally enchanted and charming way. I got so inspired by the idea and in honor of wedding season, here are some images that I compiled on my inspiration board thus far...

Bottom right: I thought the heart shape 'words of love save the date cards' to be so sweet and special. I also really like the lanterns idea because I can mentally see the romantic glow that they cast on the night possibly with some lady bugs flickering around as well. Did I ever mention how much I love weddings? I love everything about them, but especially the cake or should I say, the buttery creamy frosting on the cake. Yum! Have you ever attended a barn wedding? What did you think?

*images via: google


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