Online Sales

You know what's been the hardest thing lately? The daily flooding of all the different online sales emails in my inbox. They have been soooo tempting, but I must exercise restraint at the moment and thus far have been pretty successful at not caving in. With that being said however, I'm not sure if I'll be completely successful based upon a couple of these stylish items that I've stumbled upon.  I might have to shoot the lock off my wallet and allow myself some retail bliss.
...Eh hem...their sale ends soon (June 30th at 11:59pm ET)

I saw these striped bow pumps on a blogger's feet and I was smitten. They're so classy, I'd lower my high heel standards for these mid-heel pumps.
This Anthropologie' roseblush tunic is perfect for those humid summer days
How about you guys? Have you been able to keep your cash in your wallet, or have you gone after all the crazy "online/in-stores sales"?
Happy Sunday shopping!

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