The Upper East Side Through My Eyes

{5th Avenue Louis Vuitton window}

Being a freelance shopper comes with perks such as spending a lot of time perusing my way through amazing world renowned shops on the upper east side of Manhattan and getting a shopping fix of buying beautiful things for others without spending a dime of my own. Thankfully, I'm content with what I have, so shopping for someone else brings me just as much joy as it would if I were buying things for myself. At times just strolling those streets and window shopping is such an exciting change instead of the hum drum days working in my home office wishing for retail therapy.

{Lip rings at guarded boutiques}

{Good'ol Godiva chocolate store filled with varieties of flavored chocolate options that you don't usually see in other stores}

If you have never been to the Upper East side and have a chance to visit, here is a small synopsis of it:  It runs from 59th street to 96th street and from East End Avenue to Fifth Avenue. It is filled with rich high profilers and is home to the top most expensive shopping, especially on Madison and fifth Avenue. You can always stop at two of my favorite shops that I visit weekly - Henri Bendel and Dyptique. It's definitely the place where you'll pass many famous people on the streets from actors to producers. In fact, I've bumped into and got to chat with super model Cheryl Tiegs and Joan Rivers. It's also home to the city's best museums like, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim and the Frick.

This is one of my favorite NYC neighborhoods for so many good reasons, but mainly for the shops.  It is also one of the cleanest areas in NYC, and the architecturally beautiful townhomes that populate the streets are what I dream to live in.  Every time I've been in some of these homes to see clients makes me feel like someone is dangling cupcakes in my face just to say 'you don't have enough pennies in your pocket to get it...' (giggles)

*P.S. Excuse the quality of the photos...they're taken with my handy dandy iPhone.

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