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1. I'm a big spritzer fan. It's been one of my go-to summer beverages for years now, and this berry and citrus spritzer recipe looks amazing! How visually pleasing is that pitcher? Can't wait to try it.

2. I really have no excuse why I shouldn't stick to an exercise routine at least three times a week... (*sigh*) are nine reasons/benefits why we should. Who's with me?

3. How uniquely pretty is this handmade placemat? They come in two to three different colors. I just love the texture, style, and color. I can even see using them as wall decorations as well.

4. I'm dying to get shorts, but haven't been able to find the right fit or style for me, and my skinnies are starting to stick to my legs (eek!). These DIY's shorts are so innovative, they inspire me to make my own cut-offs. I'm swooning over each and every one of them. Even if I don't get around to trying this DIY this year, it's definitely a must-try for next summer.

5. This story serves as a great example of why we should never let a day go by without counting our blessings. I was heartbroken when I read it. If you're emotional right now, it might not be a good read for you, but one that should be kept close for when we're feeling fed up with our loved ones.

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