Grateful Moments: 'Never Say Never'

{I love old keys: they're always on my décor wish list. The feathers are very Vegas...}

I remember when Kristan Cunningham used to be on Design on a Dime. Do you remember that show? I used to drool over the different salvage yards she would go to in California to pick up reasonably priced one of a kind accessory pieces for her room décor projects, such as old doors that she would turn into a headboard, or antique mirrors, old door knobs etc... I used to wish that I could shop at those places. And as life would have it - the hubby and I are now here in California for business reasons (the nicer weather almost all year round might also play a big part). Seriously, I've been feeling like a little kid in a candy store seeing all these little bric-à-brac stores all over the place. Each street has its own kind of vibe with its own type of store filled to the brim with unique pieces to decorate your indoor or outdoor space. I mean, I can find some old Hollywood type mirrors, vanities, old bar carts, reclaimed wood benches, chairs, desks...all at a great price points. Truly a decorator's paradise. I couldn't be any more grateful to have an opportunity that many years ago seemed so unattainable. Who knew?! These are a few of the window vignettes that put a smile on my face this week. What brought a smile on your face this week?

{Imagine this lamp in the corner of perhaps an entryway - talk about a conversation piece...}
*{photos via: my iPhone cam}
Pretty funky right? I just LOVE it! 
"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
- Andre Gide
Happy Friday!

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