Grateful Moments

Want to know what I've been up to?

{Spumoni treat straight from Italy at Bistro of Santa Monica: a necessary refresher on the occasional hot humid days}

I'm still unpacking! The at-home office hasn't been unpacked yet, which is totally giving me daily anxiety but a jammed packed schedule as a volunteer (that I don't talk much on here about) and running the office for my hubby's business (this has been our busiest season keeping me barely eating - although you wouldn't be able to tell...) has kept me from getting my life totally in order.  Anyone that knows me will tell you that I don't do well with disorganization, so that's why my poor little website has been a bit abandoned lately. But I'm working on getting life squared away soon, so I can share with you some ideas I've been working on, and a few interesting DIYs that I've managed to squeeze in. Just need the time to outline it all to post on the blog.

In the meantime, I've been enjoying the milder weather of California with the exception of a few humid days, (but compared to East Coast humidity it's nothing). At any rate, hope you have enjoyable summer weekend plans.

{Desert sunset skies always make my heart glad!}
{Some of the boots came out of the box looking like they saw a ghost!}
{These limited edition vehicles around town remind me of the Hamptons...people take pride in their joy rides here in Cali}

{At Buddha's Belly serves the best vegetable fried rice I've ever tasted!}

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