Washi: TapeSentional Stripes and Polka-dots

I love it when inspiration comes from the most unexpected simplest things. Take these pretty masking tapes for instance. Back in April I was browsing through the Madewell store in Santa Monica and as I was on my way out, I accidentally stumbled upon a small section of office supplies that included an array of striped and polka-dotted masking tapes in a host of different colors that completely brightened my day. The moment I saw them, I instantly started thinking of the many ways that these pretty little rolls can enliven things like...

~ Using them as borders on hand-made cards - putting your own touch to stationery making them prettier.

~ Think of how much life that plain lampshade would have by trimming the top and/or bottom rims with these fun tapes. The bonus: the option to change them with another colorful design when you get bored.

~ Adding interest to a white photo mat by running it around the inside frame - coordinating it with a colorful picture or a black and white photo. I actually did that a month ago which I'll share with you in another post.

~ In lieu of picture frames, you can also use the tape to "frame" loose photos and create a collage of various sizes on a bland wall. The tape's ability to be removed and repositioned without leaving any mark make them ideal for that, especially if you're renting.

Seriously, the possibilities are endless! They may be "tiny" but they pack a decorative punch!


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