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Before And After: Roman Busts Makeover

{The stoic bronze Roman busts before the makeover}

About ten years ago, while visiting my girlfriend, she had bags and bags of clothes to donate and laying on top of all these black garbage bags was this pair of Roman busts that she was getting ready to chuck in the trash. I immediately snatched them up and have had them ever since, which I've been using on my office bookshelves as book ends. Seeing them always remind me of her and her husband. As I've been trying to brighten up our office, I felt it was time to give these little guys a new lease on life as it were by making them look happier with a couple of coats of neon yellow paint. And I couldn't be any more pleased with how they turned out. Every time I see them in the office now they brighten my day.

This project turned out to be fairly simple with a little bit of elbow grease. First, I wiped down the busts. Then I used the supplies I had on hand: neon yellow spray paint and charcoal grey primer. As it turns out, I should have gone to the store and purchased white primer because it would have resulted in a much brighter finish. The dark primer made the neon yellow paint look dull after drying, so I ended buying a glossy sun yellow can to finish the job. Overall, this project only cost me $7.00 for the can of paint and a few hours (only because I gave them many coats and had to allow for drying time in between coats) of my time.

{I taped the felt bottom so as to keep them paint free}

{Sprayed on a good coat of a fast drying dark gray primer and let dry}

{I then sprayed on my already existing can of neon yellow paint from a previous project, but wasn't too pleased with the dull finish here}
{So I went and bought the sun yellow color in a gloss finish for high impact shine and brightness}

{After a few consistent slow strokes (almost the whole can;) I ended up with this finished product, which I LOVE!}

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