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Currently Into: Bright Yellow

In our first home, we had a small kitchen I painted like a papaya yellow to brighten the space. Then when we moved on to our second home, I used more like a mustard yellow as a base for a mottled glazed Venetian effect throughout the downstairs living areas. When we left that house, I thought I was all yellowed out forever.

But for a while now, I've been obsessing with citron yellow not necessarily on walls but rather in accents, which has sent me into hunting for yellow drapery panels for our current living room.  However, I haven't been having much success finding any in the right hue. Summer being almost over is making this search even more difficult as all the stores are slowly stocking up for fall. They're ready to hang up the beach towels and picnic baskets to get ready for the cozy warm and fuzzy soft blankets of Autumn. the hunt continues....

{A new bright yellow suitcase stand recently found at a vintage store that's occupying a corner in our office for now.}

See more details of my yellow tray accent here and here...

*image source: 1/2/3/4/5/6

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