End Of Summer Wish List

Well folks, summer is on its last stretch. How has yours been so far? Mine has been like being on Magic Mountain at full speed without an end in sight (insert here: cartoon lips blowing in the wind with my tongue hanging out). That means, I never had the chance to acquire some of this summer's trends that I admire. On the flip side, I think subconsciously I knew that I would feel much better spending my cash on the end of season sales which is prime time to load up on some of these pieces that were overpriced for what they are.  So although, I have my own personal style that ranges from conservative to sometimes edgy/sassy depending on my mood, this summer I was really inspired by these outfits - I think because they look cool, relaxed, yet chic, which is always a bonus.

How about you? What trend did you admire this season or outright hated?

...more items on that list:


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