Favorite Links: 3 Photography Tips + Travel Wall Art and Snapshots of Hollywood's Golden Years

1. This cosmopolitan wall art would make such a nice impact on a bright colored wall.

2. A great step-by-step guide on how to upload photos on Instagram, which I welcome with open arms since I'm still technologically/Instagram impaired.

3. An amazing 350,000 snapshots of the personalities that made up the golden years of Hollywood chronicled by Sid Avery. This would make a great gift as a coffee table book. Who's getting me this one?

4. A beginner's guide to great composition. I just wish I knew what all of that means!?

5. I still have yet to explore Photoshop, but this seems to be such a great cheat sheet for those who do use it and hopefully will come in handy for when I get time to learn it someday.


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