Grateful Moments

{Roses that my neighbor gave to us from her garden - they smell like a mix between baby powder and rose fragrant}

Tomorrow is our anniversary (can't believe another year has quickly passed by. It feels like we just commemorated it...), and we're going to make a weekend celebration of it starting tonight with a surprise dinner reservation planned by the hubby. It's a much needed respite from our current rat race, exhaustive days. Here's a few snippets of what I enjoyed this past week. Hope your weekend fills you with joy and relaxation.

{Taste cooler: a cocktail that I must replicate at home from the coziest restaurant named 'Taste on Melrose'}
{I was ecstatic to find a Pinkberry around the corner from us - dangerous stuff!}
{One of my guilty pleasures: Thai iced tea...yum!}

{Enjoyed some gelato during an afternoon walk}
Happy Friday!

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