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Grateful Moments

{Made a pilgrimage to Long Beach - it's been a good three years since we went and was a nice break}

How has everyone's week been? Has anyone been struck with that head cold/flu that's going around early this season? This week threw me for a loop when a sudden head cold turned into a full on flu for the hubby resulting in me having to put my nursing cap on. It has been like taking care of a newborn...I'm exhausted. I've been downing every vitamin in the medicine cabinet so as not to catch it myself. Thank goodness, he's almost back to a 100%, cause I'm looking to getting some rest this weekend. It's going to be "me time!"  How about you? What are your weekend plans?

{Our new office addition: this reminds me of the movie 'the Aviator' with Leonardo DiCaprio}
{Surprise gift: a mouse pad from the hubby that brightens my desk}
{Seeing these mugs made me so happy, I had to buy them. My jolly morning companions}
{A sneak peak into my latest project - more details will be posted on here soon. Stay tuned!}
Wishing everyone a happy healthy weekend!

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