Shorts Story

H+M Asymmetrical top, Denim shorts (similar here and here), Mirrored Aviators (similar here and here), Gifted necklace (old - similar here, and here), Jessica Simpson sandals (old - similar here), Henri Bendel bracelet 

True story: I never wore shorts during all of my teenage years. Not because I didn't like them. In fact, I always longed to wear and feel comfortable in shorts like all my girlfriends did during hot humid days spent around the pool, at the beach or at parties out on Long Island, NY. I was always the odd ball, wearing my loose fitting jeans - not even the stylish kind that you'd call the "boyfriend jeans", more like the kind that looked like I swiped them from my big brother's closet. When everyone would strip off their shorts into bathing suits, getting ready to jump in the pool - they'd shout "Rebecca, go put on your bathing suit...jump in..." I'd stand there mortified sheepishly replying 'I didn't bring one...' praying I would disappear from their eyesight. So yes, I had never worn a two-piece bathing suit either. I Grew up with a mother who was an extremely modest person and viewed two-piece bathing suits for only (I don't even want to repeat).... Suffice to say, she never allowed nor purchased anything less than an almost full sumo suit for me to wear to the beach. Of the few pictures of me at our beach house on the weekends, I was always in a full one piece bathing suit which has conditioned my mind that our bodies are made to be covered at all times - leaving me  feeling uncomfortable at exposing any skin whatsoever. It's not until in recent years (with the help of my hubby who's one of my biggest fans) that I've ventured out my comfort zone a tad trying to learn how to be comfortable in my skin to the point that I even braved the streets a couple of weeks ago in these shorts (to me they are like daisy dukes but the hubby says they are just regular shorts) - granted, they weren't the ideal looking shorts, but it's what I possess right now and I was in one of those 'I don't care today' days. These puppies I'm wearing probably are close to raising my mother up out of the grave right now.

With maturity and growth, I now realize we should never let others few thoughtless remarks, opinions make us develop an unbalanced view about our appearance or our bodies. It is both abnormal and untrue to think that modesty and beauty are only achieved by dressing frumpy or throwing aside your sense of personality. Always remember that regardless of how we feel about our clothes, they reveal much about us and about our feelings toward others. Before we even say a word, our clothes have said something about us. People judge and categorize us based on what we wear and how we wear it. For instance, a beggar in his rags and a man in a tuxedo both have clothes on, but there is a vast difference in the impression they make and in the way they are treated. Without a doubt, clothes do tell a lot about us. So maintaining balance in our choice of clothes is essential.


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