The Process of Settling In

One of the worst parts of moving (to a whole new state no less) besides the expense, disorientation and isolation is the getting things in order and life back on track part. But the flip side of that is the fun of redecorating a whole new place and trying new styles (that might have been on the wish list for the longest time), which is fun.  It helps to keep the mind busy from getting too homesick and at the same time maddening because the perfectionist side of me often kicks up in a higher gear not allowing me to sleep thinking about all the rooms that I could be organizing/decorating. Having things strewn all over the place just puts me in such a frenzied state that sometimes all I find myself doing is spinning in circles like a gerbil on a wheel.

This week marks our fifth week since we've moved into our new place. The dining room is ninety percent done - it still needs a few finishing details to complete. But as most of us know - decorating a room is never completely done. It can always look much better or be brought to a greater level and layer of perfection. But now really my focus is to finish the office which is of utmost importance since it's where we bring home the 'bacon'. But instead of waiting for when things are completely perfect (which is going to take a while), I figured I'd share some of what I've been working on thus far...even though  it's very far from what I envision for the space.  But at last, things are slowly finding its place giving me the hope that this space could be home after all - something that I was afraid that I'd never feel for a very very long time.

Frames and pictures are still occupying floor space...

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